Modern torture devices of the era.

For the first time in months, I am in my holiday mode! (it is one more month to the biggest exam of the year, but it is one month, who cares?)

I tried revising with a Physiology book on a table, total deviation from my usual study routine with my laptop in bed. It was pure torture. I hated every moment spent.

I don't know how students endure their time being taken away by reading those pages after pages. I feel like 1960's again when those people with their free time, reading books after books away without regretting their time could be spent over here, online!

Just reading the first few pages wasn't enough, as a student I was instructed to understand and extracting their important information so that I can pass the exam.

No way, thank you.

I hate that students are always bought into the idea that we have to read books to be clever. Online has done so much for us nowadays with their limitless information updated everyday and yet, students pay so much for a single book while they could be chomping away, clicking on their keyboards, directing on what do they want at their fingertips.

Change your perspective, students. It's already 2015. Not every students read books.

And not every students can read Physiology by Tortora and by Guyton and Hall.

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