Dear John,

When I was a child, I have this moment of obsession of when I liked my toys such as my Goofy or Garfiled, I wouldn't let it go and keep playing until it was broken. I am very attached to my things directly. My mum would always told me of my story with Goofy that everytime my mum came back from work, I would keep begging to play me the video of Goofy and the cassette broke (please note that this was around 1995).

Obsession defined by Merriam-Webster:

a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal

someone or something that a person thinks about constantly or frequently

an activity that someone is very interested in or spends a lot of time doing

I do understand that my friends are trying to help me to choose for a better one. I do really appreciate you guys. That is why I keep asking for your opinion. But sometimes, this little obsession of me doesn't want to let her toy go.

When I was a child, I play with toys. As I'm growing up, I play with feelings. 

If my toys are broken, I can just buy a new one. But if my feelings are broken and shattered, it's gonna take more than Rocky Road and H&M to pull me up.

I am still a woman, still afraid of the world. Vulnerable to every single obstacle. Dreaming of her perfect little world.

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