Poisoned with Ignorance

Sampled from Quora.

In a women-breeded man, been raised when there were only women around him. So from very childhood,  he knows indeed he can sense the psychology of a woman. Not learnt but deeply rooted the skills of pleasing of woman in him from childhood.

On the other hand he didnt learnt it in one day,  he learnt it with time.  A lesson-a day. 
When he is dealing with a girl,  he carries the experience of all women who implanted the art in him.

All dennis the menace have some elder brother or uncles in their family , who turn him into a menace. 

The failure of trapping fly is not his failure,  its the coach who directed him. 

Beauty is always like a spider-net,  sometimes it catches the fly that it doesnt intend to catch. 

If I am able to create the cyanide in my home laboratary, then how would I know the thing I just created is cyanide? 

It needs a life to test whether it works or not.

Killing sucessfully a rat will not be enough,  we need to test it on monkeys. 

If it works sucessfully on monkeys then you just get use to such kind of practice. 

Beware,   He is a naked weapon. 
You too fall in love with him. 

The way to greatness goes through the sinistry and the old man knows everything,  what the kids are doing. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

Cyanide and arsenic are not most dangerous poisons that do exist because you taste it and I ensure you, that you have only fifteen-minutes left. 
Meanwhile you played with di-methyl mercury, it never went to interact with your tongue. 
Even it can penetrate through the rubber gloves that you think were waterproof and should save you from any chemical. 

You have around eight months left and you will never know what happened to you. 

Here nobody poisoned you,  you poisoned yourself in ignorance.

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