Wishes and Motivations

Apparently lately a couple of my friends read my post.

One of them even screenshot it. 

The absence of my posting is not because my life has been boring, but then when I open my blog, I just froze over.

It’s one thing being excited about life, but it’s one thing when you blogged about it, writing and when I tried to make it interesting, but I can't. SO I just delete all over and just do something else.

In this second semester here so far has been automated. Eveything is in its own schedule. I wake up, I study, I go to class, then go back, then study and sleep again. And everything will start again. Over and over again.
I look some of my friends although with their new found motivation in their new books, it doesn't really last long. I think something else has been hampering us down, making us miserable over the second semester. 

Dreading my life, just suffering and struggling through those notes and lectures and assignments, and without lasting motivation, I can see myself crumbling over before my next end block.

I used to have a big motivation board, complete with a list on how to be perfect. I've done it since my university years. But I haven’t done it when I'm in Lincoln. When did I get so miserable? And it’s kind of throbbing when people look at me and they keep saying how happy I was. I could just wish that people look at the eyes instead at the smiles.

A person can just smile but when to know the real person, you need to look at her eyes, carefully.

And when I see my house mates and my friends losing their motivation to study, day by day, gradually, it just breaks my heart. 

I don’t know if they could see it for themselves but from my eyes, at day one, they would handwrite their own notes with their neat handwritings but now, people are slacking more and more. They keep assuring themselves that they will catch up after class, but really I don’t think so. And the consequences is that they’ll do it last minute and regret on the next day.

People are not born to be perfect, but they could act like one. 

But the truth is, talking is easier than to actually do it.

Movie strip credit to : Basic Instructions

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