As people do move on with their lives, so do I.

Moving on is the first step to living. It's that one-step that I always had difficulty struggling. Maybe because deep down, I am a very revengeful person and I actually do recognize it and there was no effort to stop or to at least restrain me from doing it time by time.

By the way, as days goes by, and I'm still in Malaysia, let me tell you something. Doing medicine here, in your own country is really fucking hard. You become social introverts, you become more restricted as your class doesn't really permits you from doing anything like at least, a prt-time job?

Doing medicine in Lincoln? RM305,000.

Transport from Pandan Jaya to Kelana Jaya? RM10 roughly and it doesn't include the bus and taxis to go back home. That's just the LRT fares. I don't even live near LRT. Maybe I should start living there. I can at least save RM2 a day.

And I'm a human. The food money, the money to buy the university supplies, the money to pay for your phone bills, ect ect. The bills just keeps piling up and my wads of money just keep flying away.

An old stupid mantra,

"Money doesn't buy happiness"

Fuck you.

Money does buy happiness. In some cases, money does play with people's lives. Don't deny it.

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