So Much to Say. Too Much to Handle.

Hye guys, the bitch is really back.

If you can look into my soul, you can see my hatred towards some people in the class.

I have told since semester one, that I hold grudges pretty personal. 

This is what happens to kindness nowadays apparently. Apparently your head will get stomped over and over again. To your own coursemates whom you'll be seeing in 5 years.

Seriously? Why do you think with all your influence, you can do shit to me like that?

Well, if you can do it discreetly, well so can I. But in my case, I'll show my fangs. And I'll make sure you ever regret that you ever bring out that side of me. Because now, I'm determined.

I'm gonna kick your ass for the rest of 5 years. Because that is what grudges do. Espacially when you're dealing with me.

But because I'm kind, I'm gonna give you a clue.

First, I will be neutral. Like this ever happened. 

But as years go by, I'll attack what ever matters most to you, and you won't notice but I'll always watch. Every bit of your life.

Then when times you're vulnerable, maybe even during exam, I can execute my plan. And eat you, piece by piece. I'm going to use my own powers, whatever I can do to take away what matters to you, because I can.

And I will smile, and you won't notice.

Because a backstabbing bitch behind my back, what if I try being that to you?

And that, unless you managed to tame me by noticing your mistakes and say sorry.

Because sometimes if I think you're not worth my time, why should I invest in you? Useless. LOL

But one thing remains.....


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