Starting of something new.

Sometimes people just have a slow start in life.

It's almost 4 am in the morning as I am writing this while reminiscing my first celebrity crush, Jesse Mccartney, just being awed how much I have grown. My 14-year old me would never have believed myself now. 

I am this little girl who is so afraid of what might happen tomorrow. Sometimes, future scares me especially when into studies and relationships. Its just so uncertain on how would you want it to be in your life. What is your ambition? Who do you want to be with for the rest of your life? I used to dream that I am going to be a doctor while marrying a white man with blue eyes, lol. Okay, I am still dreaming that now. Who doesn't want to gaze into that ethereal blue eyes of yours?

When you're entering your twenties age, suddenly your view on world changes. Your inner child screams for that lost youth, but your outer side have to adapt and morph into your responsibilities that you couldn't imagine when you were young.

Nowadays, all my friends could only talk about careers, marriage and children because society pressures us into it. 

Definition of individuals has been compartmentalized into 50% personality and 50% perception.

I miss my days when I am in my own world, just gazing and making dreams happen.

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