Sometimes I don't know how to feel anymore towards them.

When things are going better, people will say that they are just being nice because they've been talking bad about me. talk about backstabbing. At least I have the audacity to show my uneasiness towards the person that I least like at the moment.

Living with friends have been an utmost stress for me. Everytime if my mum would come, everything would looked better, but without her around, leaving me to fight with the world, without her by my side, I feel like losing every battle.

It really shows on everything on me and it's eating me up everyday.

I don't know if I can keep up with my fake smile anymore with those guys. Sometimes I just want to be alone, wandering to my own world and do not really care with what is happening. But if I do that, they would ask me.

Do they ask because they care?

I don't know how you can keep up with the hypocrisy. Especially when you're near to me, day and night. With your smiles and all.

Have you ever wondered why you're so uneasy when one harmless invitations? It's like you don't even mean to invite me at all. 

Being shunned off from study groups and telling everyone how much I have been studying, dude, that's just not cool anymore.

Why do the world keep testing me with around these people? 

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