Why do nice people suffer?

In the world of increasing advancement towards the future, people's morals are declining rapidly. But I do still hope that nice people still exists in the world. Though I sympathize them because generally, I don't think nice people will always get squished on.

Sometimes I think that nice people don't get what they are supposed to get. Like last week, I saw someone very close to me died. When she died, she was in a horrible state. She wouldn't eat, she couldn't breathe properly. She wasn't the person that I known since I knew her. 

I couldn't even recognize my own grandmother when she was near death.

Which makes me think, why do nice people suffer? My grandmother was one of the most religious person I knew since my parents. I can't think until now why does she left my life like that. 

And when the doctor stated the cause of death with a question mark? How lovely.

Now I won't know how she left my world, abruptly. 

And it just makes me sad to think, but that one and a half day of her last moments just.......

She doesn't even recognize me at all.

I hope she's okay. I'll always include you in my prayers.

I love you.

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