My Life, In Condensed Version

Hi. I am Melissa Aina.


A self-traveler with mommy's money on hold and with a student visa.

Loves fashion but loves money more. I'm that cheapskate.

Hope to hacksaw some people's brain and analyze how emotions are easily manipulated by well, anything.

Want to specialize in neurosurgery because well, I love challenge.

Psychology is a close-proximity second. I just love brains.

Easily affected by music. You can actually predict my emotions with my playlist.

Loves the colour pink because well, does being a girl qualify for that reason?

Loves gaming but not an addictive or obsessed. 

Loves to win in anyway possible. If I don't look like that, please doubt yourself. I'm that manipulative.

My utterly goal right now is to be a psychopath. It justs interest me on how they are incapable of feeling emotions. Emotions affects performance and I do not want it at all.

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